January 14, 2020

Named for the Iconic 17th-Century Queen: The Marie Antoinette Ballroom

The French Neoclassical design of this intricately decorated ballroom is perfect for all occasions. No expense was spared during its construction: its three original chandeliers were purchased for an unbelievable $10,000 each in 1914. The perfect backdrop for weddings and galas, this grand ballroom features a beautiful inlaid quarter-sawn oak dance floor and elegant full balcony. The main floor of the ballroom can comfortably seat 300 dining guests. Classroom-style seating accommodates 150 guests, and 320 attendees can be seated theater-style.

The Marie Antoinette Ballroom, the social center of the hotel, is of French Neo-Classical design. Just outside the ballroom hangs a photograph of the first formal party thrown there, at The Davenport Hotel’s grand opening more than a century ago. With glowing chandeliers and a balcony, highlights of the hotel’s proud history are interwoven throughout the rooms decor.

In 2012, the Davenport Team recreated the original photo taken in 1917. How’s that for a #throwbackthursday?

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