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  1. The Grand, Centennial, and Tower are set up with the food waste organics program. Historic and Lusso are in progress.

  2. Enrolled in Avista’s Pay for Performance Rebate Program: Grand, Tower and Historic.
  3. PSC Lighting Project Completed and a $3k rebate was received.
  4. $109,254 in Operational Energy Conservation Measures identified to date with $40,648 implemented, $34,815 in progress and $33,791 under review.
  5. $210,880 in Capital Energy Conservation Measures identified to date.
  6. Energy Assessments performed by InSite Technologies.
  7. Water Assessments performed by the City of Spokane with real-time Energy and Water monitoring of all utility meters.

  8. Washington State Compliance Benchmarking.
  9. Capital Expenditure review focused on energy savings.
  10. Review of electric vehicle charging upgrade in progress.