January 14, 2020

A Glimpse of Venice brought to Spokane

Designed by Kirtland Cutter and originally located above Davenport’s restaurant, The Hall of Doges was an elaborate ball and reception room that quickly became Spokane’s most popular place for weddings and other social functions. It was originally built in honor of visiting President Theodore Roosevelt in 1910, while its design was inspired by the Palace of Doges in Venice. 

During the restoration in 2000, The Hall of Doges was removed from the old Davenport Restaurant portion before demolition. A large crane lifted the almost 100-year structure over 50 feet in the air and placing it across the street where the parking garage now lies. Once the construction for the Porte Corchere and valet parking garage was completed, The Hall of Doges was once again lifted and placed on her original location for another 100+ of grace and elegance. 

The Hall of Doges is now the foyer to the Grand Pennington Ballroom, featuring 2,976 square feet and can accommodate up to 300 guests. 


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